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Why don’t we read more?

I heard a very successful person say, that the difference between you and those that you admire, is that the people you admire read.  They educate themselves.  They are perpetually curious and striving to learn more.  They want to be inspired, to have their thoughts challenged, to see the world from different view points.  Reading is the gateway to all of those things.  

So why are you not reading?  

No time?  You don’t have to spend hours reading some hefty novel.  Try just 15 minutes in the morning as a warm up to your day, or 15 minutes at night before bed as a period of winding your mind down.  In addition, Audio Books are fantastic for those that spend time commuting each day.  Instead of listening to the same 10 songs on the radio for an hour each day, listen to an audio book from Audible or iTunes.  You can easily consume 1 book a month, just by listening to it while driving.  

Nothing of interest?  Reading doesn’t require you to pour over some dusty text book.  I’m not advocating a return to High School literature class.  Read about something you like, or someone you admire.  Whatever your hobbies are, whatever you want to do or be, whoever it is that you admire in business, sports, or arts – there are books, interviews, and podcasts on the subject, and/or by or about the person of interest.  

Laziness (be honest)?  Its certainly easier to spend two or three hours a night mindlessly watching TV and sporadically checking our phone for completely meaningless updates and nonsense.  But its also not that hard to read.  You don’t have to skip TV altogether.  In fact, you don’t have to skip it at all.  Watch your shows in the evening, watch sports on the weekend, but carve out 15 minutes a day to read or time when commuting to listen to audio books.  The hardest part is taking the first step and getting out of your routine.  After that, its super easy 

Read something, learn something, expand your mind and knowledge of the world.  

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