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How to get Hired
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Learn what Hiring Managers are REALLY looking for, like:  

  • The MOST important skill for any Program Manager
  • Characteristics that REALLY matter, and how to demonstrate them
  • A SURE-FIRE tactic to set yourself apart from the competition
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topics Covered

Program Management

What does it mean to be a project manager, what is the work really like, and what skills do you need.

Finding Opportunities

What Hiring Managers really look for in potential candidates, and the untold truth about job search.

Ace The Interview

Uncommon answers to important questions, plus, common interview mistakes and how to avoid them.

Stand Out

Set yourself apart from the competition by leveraging these two tactics - and the job is yours!

Your dream Job is Waiting

Learn how to land your Dream Job in Project or Program Management.  From experienced PMs looking to level up their career, to those looking to break into the world of Project Management, our comprehensive hiring guide can show you the way.  Get expert tips, best practices, and advice from actual hiring managers to help maximize the number of Project and Program Management offers you receive.

What's holding you back?

Peer Reviews

I had been thinking about making a career change into Program Management for a few years, but I wasn’t really sure how to do it or where to start.  Using the information in this hiring guide really helped me understand the role and gave me the information I needed to take the next step…

… I have a meeting with my company’s PM hiring manager next Tuesday!

Jonathan Y.

I have been working as a Program Manager at a small startup for a couple of years.  The job is great, but I really wanted to get in with one of the FAANG companies.  I must have applied to dozens of job postings without a response.  However, after following the advice in the Program Manager Hiring Guide, I figured out what I was doing wrong and what I need to do to get my foot in the door.  Thanks!

Chris C.


The PM Hiring Guide was created by the Principles of Expert Program Management team: real-world insights from industry experts. 

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