How to lead complex projects like a Silicon Valley Pro, without expensive, hard-to-use project management software.   

My confession…

Let me be clear about one thing, I’m not a good engineer.  In fact, I’m probably the last guy you’d want debugging code, reviewing schematics, or drafting CAD.  Yet despite an almost total lack of engineering talent, over the last decade, I have led thousands of engineers through the design and development of super complex technologies and cutting edge products used by hundreds of millions worldwide.  You probably own one or more of the products I helped develop – the iPhone and the iPad.

So… how does a sub-par engineer end up as one of the top Program Managers at Apple, and more importantly, how could that make a major impact at your company?  

The secret to my success in Silicon Valley is something they don’t teach in school and something you can’t get from any project management software.  It is a unique set of PRINCIPLES, learned, refined, and mastered over years of working alongside some of the best engineers, managers and executive leaders in the world.  

Now, I have distilled the lessons I learned the hard way, into the Principles of Expert Program Management.  

Following years of teaching and training these principles to select groups of engineers, I am opening the door to bring you the tools, tricks, processes, and common-sense methodologies for how world class product development teams really work.